Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Deadly Dragon Sounds farewell...

I want to thank my fellow Deadly Dragons for all of the hard work over the last 5+ years in putting together this great show on East Village Radio. Due to scheduling and conflicts with East Village Radio, the show has been moved and renamed and I will be continuing to select and host it as a solo Dragon. This blog will remain here and you will still be able to access some of our favorite archives. Big thanks as well to all of the artists and fellow selectors that have blessed up the show.

You can catch Deadly Dragon every Thursday night for Downtown Top Ranking at Happy Ending in NYC, or at the store in Chinatown and Scratch Famous continues to put up killer podcasts on the Deadly Dragon Podomatic Site.

You can also catch me over at and now on Thursdays at East Village Radio from 2-4pmET for Jamaica Rock.

Thanks for the support!