Wednesday, December 7, 2011

05.02.11 - Dubplates & Redman


For this show, Scratch Famous takes us through his collection, not of specials, but of acetates and other vinyl versions of songs he has collected over the years. In the second hour, he curates a special hour-long set of the Redman International label - check the archive!

Monday, December 5, 2011

04.25.11 - Bobby Konders LIVE in the studio


Massive B started over 10 years ago with the vision of DJ Bobby Konders on starting his own sound system. Since inception, Massive B has added new members Big Dawg, Chudney Shotta and other members working with the team as well D-Life & X-Man and main man Jabba. Massive b has been representing New York and has toured all over the world, by playing major festivals and tours in all Europe, Africa, Caribbean, Japan, Canada, and of course, in the US. This show, the fronter for the label, Bobby Konders himself, was live in the studio with a special guest set. Be sure to check the archive!

04.18.11 - Pete Rock! & Dj Muro guest select


Hailing out of Japan, DJ Muro has of course built a name producing and putting out hip hop, but also is very much into finding deep reggae and reggae breaks, as he showcased the last time he was on the show. That takes us to our second guest, the legendary hip hop producer Pete Rock. Recognized as one the most respected hip hop producers in the game, you can't have been into hip hop in the 90s without knowing something about reggae. We don't know if he and Muro are bringing wax or digital, and we don't know if they are playing reggae or not. But they are definitely part of the Deadly Dragon Massive and aesthetic so it should be a great show, I am sure you are excited as we are.

04.11.11 - Hahn Solo of Dub Is A Weapon selects


Today on Deadly Dragon Sounds, the crew welcomes Dave Han of Dub Is A Weapon , to the EVR studio. Dave and his cohort Larry have a new album coming out on April 26 and we'll be sure to hear all about what comprises this latest release.

Inspired by the dub productions of legendary producer King Tubby, Dave Hahn formed Dub Is A Weapon to make dub music as well, but wanted to take it out of the studio and perform it live. With help from a Jamaican beatnik percussionist (Larry McDonald, who had played on several crucial Bob Marley cuts in Jamaica and had since backed up American icons from Taj Mahal to Gil-Scott Heron to Bad Brains), an old high school friend, and young upstarts from the Brooklyn scene, Dave has honed their live take on the genre’s spaced-out grooves. This sound is felt in full force on tour as Lee “Scratch” Perry’s backing band and most recently on their soon-to-be-released album Vaporized.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

04.04.11 - Papa Michigan LIVE in the studio


Papa Michigan and General Smiley were among the first dual-toasters on the first wave of Dancehall style in Jamaica. Beginning in the late 1970s while still in school, the humorous duo (Smiley got his name because he never smiles) scored immediately with Rub a Dub Style and a toasted real rock version named Nice up the Dance.

Now a solo artist, Papa Michigan continues to write record and perform groundbreaking material. The 2004 album, It's All Good, yielded the hugely popular underground single 400 Years and recent releases Barack Obama, Hustler and These Streets has served once again to reinforce his artistic brilliance. Now conscious of the need to be relevant, Michigan is employing a variety of strategies including a unique fusion of streetwise hip hop flavor that he blends with his native sound. Donning the caps of songwriter, producer and performer, it is evident that Papa Michigan has not only mastered several areas of the business but has continued to blossom over the years.

We were so happy to have him in the studio with us and catch up with him, and also big up Jah Fingers! please check the archive.

03.14.11 - Photographer David Corio LIVE in the studio


David Corio was born in London in 1960. He began his professional career in 1978 taking photographs of a diverse mix of musicians including Bob Marley, U2, Tom Waits and Public Enemy for New Musical Express, The Face, Time Out, and Black Echoes, covering a wide range of music and portraiture. After a stint as a music writer at City Limits, he worked as a freelance photographer for the Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Q and Mojo and has over 200 record covers to his credit. In 1992 he moved to New York working for the New York Times and the Times (UK) and the School of Visual Arts. Queen Majesty talks with him a bit about his photography and his current show at the Morrison Gallery. To check out some of his works on line, please go to

02.28.11 - Ranking Joe LIVE in the studio


This Monday, Deadly Dragon Sounds guest was the iconic Jamaican DeeJay (or toaster) Ranking Joe. Ranking Joe began chatting on the mic with sound-systems in the late 60s and was heavily influenced by the great DeeJay U ROY. Under the name "Little Joe" he cut a few tunes for Studio One. As the 70s progressed, he changed his name to Ranking Joe and developed a new style of chatting incorporating more speed and rhythmic elements as well as a deidication to cultural and conscious lyrics. At this time he was gathering great expsure by working with the Stur Grav sound In Jamaica and Ray Symbolic Hi-Fi in the UK. His WEAKHEART FADEAWAY LP was released on Greensleeves records at this time and was a strong, international seller. Throughout the 80s and 90s Ranking Joe put out numerous LPs and singles as well as focusing on his own productions and the "Ranking Joe Intl" and "Hi Power" labels. Ranking Joe is one of the great, living stage performers in Jamaican music. He is in demand all over the world and continues to tour on a consistent basis. For years he has livened up Deadly Dragon events with his infectious style.

02.14.11 - Valentine's Day with Downbeat The Ruler


Love is in the air! Queen Majesty brings a set of some of her favorite reggae love songs, and is joined by the one and only Father Downbeat aka Tony Screw who, as always, brings the passion and history of the music with him. Check the archive.

01.24.11 - The Slackers LIVE in the studio


Well, some of them anyway... Jay Nugent aka Agent Jay stopped by with some of his favorite 45s to play for us and Glen Pine gave us a healthy dose of his wonderful vocals LIVE alongside the enigmatic Vic Ruggiero (who also brought a ukele!). Check the archive...
The Slackers Website

01.17.11 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day with Sherman Escoffery


For this week's show, Scratch Famous and Queen Majesty picked through their vinyl collections for songs that they thought would pay homage to the late great Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. We also had our friend Sherman Escoffery come by the studio to chat with Scratch Famous about things going on with Jamaican music today and yesterday. You can catch Sherman every Saturday from 4pm-6pmET on as the host of the show "Jamaican MRI". Check the archive!

12.20.10 - Special guest selector Jah Point


Mr. K absolutely murders the first hour with some beautiful roots and reggae music. He is joined in the second hour by our good friend John Pinto aka JAH POINT of Shockwave Sound System with a killer set of his own! Check the archive.

12.06.10 - Natalie Storm LIVE & Max Glazer selects


Natalie Storm is a multi-talented Singer, D.J, Producer, and Songwriter who believes that the universe is hers to conquer. With a new mixtape out, and a pop-in to the EVR studio tonight, it will quickly become evident that she's on the path to do so. Max Glazer of Federation Sound will also be doing a guest dj set since Storm has NYC performances this week alongside Max. She will be interviewed a bit by both the musical man and Queen Majesty during the deadliest of all soundscapes. Check her mixtape here:

11.08.10 - Bushman LIVE & Sonia Pottinger tribute


Seems with each passing week another legendary figure in the field of Jamaican music leaves these earthly chains for the great beyond. Last week we lost Gregory and this week the iconic producer Sonia Pottinger passed. Ms. Pottinger was possibly the first and definitely the most successful female producer in Jamaica. She started in the mid 60s cutting some killer ska sides and later fully embraced the new sounds of rocksteady with arguably some of the finest 7"s of that genre. As early reggae blossomed into rockers, Ms. Pottinger was right in the middle of the fray not only with her own original tunes but her radical reconfigurations of Duke Reid's catalog, which she purchased after his passing. (via Deadly Dragon blog). Scratch Famous pays tribute to her with a beautiful set of some of his favorite Gay Feet tunes. In the second hour, we were joined by the great singer BUSHMAN who passed through to drop some of his latest tunes, talk some history, and do a live version of one of our favorites - Call The Hearse. Check the archive.

10.25.10 - Spragga Benz LIVE & Gregory Isaacs tribute


We were saddened to learn early this same morning that the Cool Ruler, the one and only Gregory Isaacs had passed on. Of course we knew we had to pay tribute by digging deep into the vaults for some of his tunes that we love most and have touched our hearts. For the second hour, we were happy to be joined in the studio by the one and only Spragga Benz to preview his new album "Shotta Culture", talk some history and do some live things on the mic. Check the archive.

09.27.10 - Special guest selector DJ Preservation


Scratch Famous and Selector JD start off the show with some 70's tunes and some killer Buju tracks. For the second half of the show we were lucky enough to be joined by one of our good friends DJ Preservation - killer dj, beat miner, producer and Mos Def's touring DJ. Preservation has an amazing ear for reggae breaks and he showcased some of his major league selections. Check the archive!

09.20.10 - Special guest Selector Twice


This week Selector Twice aka Fidel Luna, one of the most knowledgeable selectors around and a good friend of the Deadly Dragons, dropped by and spun a truly wicked set. He along with producer and founder of Randy's Impact Records, Clive Chin, hosted our weekly Thursday Downtown Top Ranking for the Wax Poetics reggae issue release, and are setting out on a Far East tour. Check them out at for dates and things and check the archive!

09.13.10 - A Selector JD & Scratch Famous Takeover


Thanks as always for tuning in. Check the archive and playlist for this week's show with Selector JD and Scratch Famous digging deep in the vaults and playing some sound killers and more in their usual fine-style.

09.06.10 - Blunt Posse LIVE in the Studio


Yes massive, the show this week was started out by Queen Majesty with a King Tubby tribute. Then Scratch Famous plays a whole heap of new reissues that have recently come out on 14 Karat, Gold Shop, and Park Heights labels. On the second half we are joined by the Garrison Sound out of New York - Blunt Posse! They share some wicked dubs from their arsenal, be sure to check the archive and

Saturday, December 3, 2011

08.23.10 - Singer Willow Wilson guest selects


Our friend Willow "Junior" Wilson had brought a ton of wicked vinyl with him to bless our Downtown Top Ranking party the past Thursday, so we were honored when he agreed to bring some selections to the show for all of the EVR listeners out there. A multi-talented artist that has been putting out hits on labels such as Witty since the 80s, he is also an avid vinyl collector. Queen Majesty starts the show with some classic dancehall tracks, Scratch Famous touches the decks in his usual fine-style, then Willow joins us for a bit of talk on musical history and opens his vinyl vaults - check the archive!

08.02.10 - DJ Muro & Johnny Osbourne LIVE


We were so happy to have two very special guests join us this week on the show - legendary DJ Muro and the godfather of dancehall Johnny Osbourne!

DJ Muro has been active as a dj and producer since the early 90's, debuting his first solo debut in 1993. He recently came out with a new mix called "Rockers Revenge" which you must check out. We were planning on playing some of it on the show, but instead we were all treated to an all-vinyl live set by the master himself... not to mention he was wearing the illest NY Yankees print shirt - so dope!
DJ Muro website

The dancehall godfather Johnny Osbourne joined us in the second hour and talks with Scratch Famous about some serious musical history as well as doing a live version of "Prophesy". What a gift this man has and how happy we were to have him on the show. And like DJ Muro, quite styling.
Johnny Osbourne site

07.19.10 - Red Fox & Screechy Dan LIVE


This past Monday we were joined by two of NYC's most versatile dancehall artists - Red Fox & Screechy Dan! They passed through promoting their wicked new single "Fall In Love". Queen Majesty plays a dancehall set for the first hour with a bunch of Red Fox and Screechy's hits mixed in. Next we get to listen to their new track and chat with them a little bit, and then they nice up the place with some killer freestyle. Check the talent, check the archive!

07.12.10 - Sugar Minott Tribute & Super Soul Show


When we heard the news that the great ghetto champion Lincoln "Sugar" Minott had passed we were devastated. He was truly the champion of ghetto people everywhere and carried the history of Jamaican music with him through his songs, his voice, his productions, his label, his soundsystem and virtually everything else he touched. We will miss him. He visited us once at (09.28.09) and his infectious energy blessed us with one our favorite shows and fortunately we recorded a few moments of this wonderful event. Sugar Minott - Rest In Peace. (via Deadly Dragon blog)

Queen Majesty pays tribute to Sugar with some favorite tunes of his for the first hour, then is joined in the second hour by Fadda T from King Ryukyu Sound System out of Okinawa who was passing through New York City this week. He treated us to a show that only he can - a Super Soul Show! Killer soul originals of BIG reggae tunes as well as some soul dubplates - must haffi check the archive...

06.28.10 - Special Guest Kitano Creation Sound


Scratch Famous starts out the show with heavy digital and goes into some killer roots. For the second half of the show, our friend Hiroshi from Kitano Creation Sound shares some wicked roots from the vaults of his collection, as well as some history with Scratch Famous and they also share some food! Check the archive.
Kitano Creation

06.07.10 - Easy Star All Stars LIVE in the booth


The Easy Star All Stars and are currently back their home city NYC to play tonight at Hiro Ballroom. Since they have been touring around the world the past year, they will no doubt be warmly welcomed back. Lucky for us that some of the members (Menny More, Ras I Ray, Eric Smith, and Buford O'Sullivan) had some time to stop by the EVR booth this past Monday and play some recordings (Dub Side Of The Moon, Radiodread, Lonely Hearts Dub Band, Until That Day) as well as chat some history. We will be uploading video of Menny More doing a live lick on a version! Check the archive and their website!

05.31.10 - Memorial Day with Martei Korley


Nuff respect to our friend and very talented musician and photographer Martei Korley for passing through this past Monday! He brought some preview of tunes as well as doing a little lick on the B side of "Wife and Sweetheart". Queen Majesty talks a bit with him as well as playing a mix of Rub a Dub and rocksteady tunes - check the archive!
Martei Korley website

05.03.10 - Scratch Famous at the controls


Check the archive! Deadly Dragon Sounds own Scratch Famous plays a wicked 2 hour set of his favorites as well as some vinyl rarities he has recently picked up! In between some songs, Queen Majesty asks him to spill some Deadly Dragon history and talk about his start into a career of Jamaican music selecting and selling...

04.26.10 - Isiah Mentor & Gappy Ranks LIVE


On April 26th Deadly Dragon Sounds had two big guests up in the studio - check the archive!

First up was Isiah Mentor a.k.a. Lilly Melody. Isiah Mentor started with the performing name of Lilly Melody back in the early 1980s in Jamaica. As a young man he made his name on the local sound systems around his Spanish Town neighborhood. While performing with one of those sounds, Lilly Melody caught the eye of PROFESSOR, an engineer for the great KING TUBBY. Professor brought Lilly Melody into Tubby's Waterhouse studio and he quickly became part of the tight knit group of performers associated with Tubby. Quickly Lilly Melody, became known for his unique "Sing Jay" style as he cut tons of dubplates and released numerous singles on the Waterhouse, Firehouse and Taurus labels. Those singles and the LPs and 12"s he cut for a variety of New York labels solidified Lilly Melody in the pantheon of great "digital era" Jamaican singers. In the mid 90s Lilly Melody had a spiritual awakening, and energized by these meditations of Jah Rastafari, changed his name to ISIAH MENTOR to signify his growth and both a person and singer. He has continued to record and tour and recently released the highly praised RASTA GOVERNMENT LP. Please check for more information.

Second up on the show was one of the hottest upcoming new, reggae singers from out of the UK -- GAPPY RANKS.
With releases like HEAVEN IN YOUR EYES on the PECKINGS label and STINKIN RICH on the HOT COFFEE label, Gappy has quickly risen up the ranks of dancehall singers . Based on the hype he has created on radio and stage shows throughout Jamaica, Europe and the US, Gappy was recently signed to Greensleeves / VP records and is working on a full length LP.

04.19.10 - Special guest selector President Carter Van Pelt


Queen Majesty starts off the show with an hour of ganja killers and then our good friend, long-time reggae aficionado and archivist, President Carter Van Pelt, stopped by to share some of his favorite 45s with us! You can also catch Carter on his own NYC weekly reggae radio show called "Eastern Standard Time" - every Saturday from 8-10am on WKCR 89.9!

04.12.10 - Felix Hall UK & Masterpiece Japan!


Check the archive to hear this show - the first hour is a truly wicked late-70s / early 80s roots selection from Felix Hall. Based in London, he's currently touring with The Specials as the opening selector alongside Trevor Evans. We were happy to have him on the show while he was in town. The second hour is Maga-chin from Masterpiece Sound out of Japan! Seemingly a man of few words, we did not get to interview him but he speaks volumes with his absolutely killer collection of dubplates - check it out!

03.29.10 - Romain Virgo LIVE in the studio!


We were so happy to be joined in the studio today by Romain Virgo, a burgeoning young singer with an old soul out of Jamaica! We talked about his big tunes, plans and how it is working with Donovan Germain and VP records - check the archive!

03.08.10 - K Vibes & Lloyd-D-Stiff LIVE


Last week on the show we had two very special guests pass through - K Vibes & Lloyd D Stiff! Queen Majesty starts the show off with some 80s rub a dub and dancehall, Scratch Famous chats musical history with K Vibes and Lloyd D Stiff - they also introduce some new tunes and do a live freestyle together on Real Rock - much respect - check it!

03.01.10 - Sleng Teng 25th Anniversary


Check the archive of the show for a 2 hour WICKED tribute to one of the founding digital dancehall riddims - SLENG TENG! Scratch Famous and Mr. K drop all tunes from loved classics to killer rarities... murderrr.....

02.22.10 - Shinehead LIVE once again!


Our friend Shinehead was in town to celebrate Father Downbeat's Birthstrong with him (Happy Birthday!) and we were so excited to have him on the show once again. Check the archives, Queen Majesty starts with a little lover's rub a dub and tings and Mr. K spins some beautiful classics right before the man Shinehead drops some of his favorite vinyls for you - WICKED!