Sunday, December 4, 2011

04.04.11 - Papa Michigan LIVE in the studio


Papa Michigan and General Smiley were among the first dual-toasters on the first wave of Dancehall style in Jamaica. Beginning in the late 1970s while still in school, the humorous duo (Smiley got his name because he never smiles) scored immediately with Rub a Dub Style and a toasted real rock version named Nice up the Dance.

Now a solo artist, Papa Michigan continues to write record and perform groundbreaking material. The 2004 album, It's All Good, yielded the hugely popular underground single 400 Years and recent releases Barack Obama, Hustler and These Streets has served once again to reinforce his artistic brilliance. Now conscious of the need to be relevant, Michigan is employing a variety of strategies including a unique fusion of streetwise hip hop flavor that he blends with his native sound. Donning the caps of songwriter, producer and performer, it is evident that Papa Michigan has not only mastered several areas of the business but has continued to blossom over the years.

We were so happy to have him in the studio with us and catch up with him, and also big up Jah Fingers! please check the archive.

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