Sunday, December 4, 2011

02.28.11 - Ranking Joe LIVE in the studio


This Monday, Deadly Dragon Sounds guest was the iconic Jamaican DeeJay (or toaster) Ranking Joe. Ranking Joe began chatting on the mic with sound-systems in the late 60s and was heavily influenced by the great DeeJay U ROY. Under the name "Little Joe" he cut a few tunes for Studio One. As the 70s progressed, he changed his name to Ranking Joe and developed a new style of chatting incorporating more speed and rhythmic elements as well as a deidication to cultural and conscious lyrics. At this time he was gathering great expsure by working with the Stur Grav sound In Jamaica and Ray Symbolic Hi-Fi in the UK. His WEAKHEART FADEAWAY LP was released on Greensleeves records at this time and was a strong, international seller. Throughout the 80s and 90s Ranking Joe put out numerous LPs and singles as well as focusing on his own productions and the "Ranking Joe Intl" and "Hi Power" labels. Ranking Joe is one of the great, living stage performers in Jamaican music. He is in demand all over the world and continues to tour on a consistent basis. For years he has livened up Deadly Dragon events with his infectious style.

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