Saturday, December 3, 2011

08.02.10 - DJ Muro & Johnny Osbourne LIVE


We were so happy to have two very special guests join us this week on the show - legendary DJ Muro and the godfather of dancehall Johnny Osbourne!

DJ Muro has been active as a dj and producer since the early 90's, debuting his first solo debut in 1993. He recently came out with a new mix called "Rockers Revenge" which you must check out. We were planning on playing some of it on the show, but instead we were all treated to an all-vinyl live set by the master himself... not to mention he was wearing the illest NY Yankees print shirt - so dope!
DJ Muro website

The dancehall godfather Johnny Osbourne joined us in the second hour and talks with Scratch Famous about some serious musical history as well as doing a live version of "Prophesy". What a gift this man has and how happy we were to have him on the show. And like DJ Muro, quite styling.
Johnny Osbourne site

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