Saturday, December 3, 2011

04.26.10 - Isiah Mentor & Gappy Ranks LIVE


On April 26th Deadly Dragon Sounds had two big guests up in the studio - check the archive!

First up was Isiah Mentor a.k.a. Lilly Melody. Isiah Mentor started with the performing name of Lilly Melody back in the early 1980s in Jamaica. As a young man he made his name on the local sound systems around his Spanish Town neighborhood. While performing with one of those sounds, Lilly Melody caught the eye of PROFESSOR, an engineer for the great KING TUBBY. Professor brought Lilly Melody into Tubby's Waterhouse studio and he quickly became part of the tight knit group of performers associated with Tubby. Quickly Lilly Melody, became known for his unique "Sing Jay" style as he cut tons of dubplates and released numerous singles on the Waterhouse, Firehouse and Taurus labels. Those singles and the LPs and 12"s he cut for a variety of New York labels solidified Lilly Melody in the pantheon of great "digital era" Jamaican singers. In the mid 90s Lilly Melody had a spiritual awakening, and energized by these meditations of Jah Rastafari, changed his name to ISIAH MENTOR to signify his growth and both a person and singer. He has continued to record and tour and recently released the highly praised RASTA GOVERNMENT LP. Please check for more information.

Second up on the show was one of the hottest upcoming new, reggae singers from out of the UK -- GAPPY RANKS.
With releases like HEAVEN IN YOUR EYES on the PECKINGS label and STINKIN RICH on the HOT COFFEE label, Gappy has quickly risen up the ranks of dancehall singers . Based on the hype he has created on radio and stage shows throughout Jamaica, Europe and the US, Gappy was recently signed to Greensleeves / VP records and is working on a full length LP.

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