Tuesday, February 21, 2012

11.21.11 - Metric Man aka The Freedom Fighter


Our friend Metric Man graced us with his talent and warm personality for this show, please check his info below and the archive!

Music is a gift given by the most high God to the soul of mankind. It is up to the vessel to carry out the works thereafter and surely Metric Man is doing his part to fully execute his musical ability.
Born in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad and Tobago comes the voice of this versatile Reggae performing artist. His unique style and versatility has no limit. His vocals and presence are backed by political activism and social consciousness blended with an infectious Reggae vibe.
His melodies can make you groove while the Freedom Fighter conveys deep messages in a rough and raspy yet smooth and captivating voice. In him you can hear the people chanting for Equal Rights and Justice for all of mankind. Performing in school calypso shows at the age of 8, this Singer and Songwriter is the real deal.
His convictions are apparent in his lyrics, which are clearly rooted in his culture and proud heritage of a Caribbean warrior.

Metric Man Myspace

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