Wednesday, May 23, 2012

05.21.12 - Brigadier Jerry LIVE in the studio


Brigadier Jerry is one of the most popular cultural DJ’s to regularly improvise over Jamaican sound systems. He started out at the legendary U-Roy's King SturGav Hi-Fi system in the early '70s, and soon moved on to the Jah Love Muzik system. A brilliant lyrical improviser, Briggy -- as he is affectionately known -- elevated the standards for speed and fluidity in DJ chatting technique, laying the groundwork for much of what followed. Highly respected in Jamaica as a conscious DJ, Briggy was a soundsystem teacher, teaching Rasta culture to the multitudes. Bootleg recordings of these dancehall sessions started to leak out internationally amongst the deeper cultural enthusiasts, spreading Briggy’s name abroad. In the years to come, other DJ’s were to follow his example, but Brigadier Jerry remains as the teacher who set the standard. We were very excited to have him on the show, play some of his hits like Jamaica, Jamaica as well as chat with him about what he is up to now musically, spiritually and anything else he would like to share. We also previewed a newly pressed limited edition vinyl release from Israel Vibration called Bad Intention that previously only ever existed as a dubplate for Jah Love Muzik sound system (and you can get it while you can at

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